10 ways to get tons of comments under your Facebook post (not only Facebook)

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10 ways to get tons of comments under your Facebook post (not only Facebook)

Today almost all owners of reputable websites are eager not only to publish as many interesting and useful for people articles as possible, but also get as many valuable comments under them as possible, because, as a rule, lots of comments show that the articles do elicit interest from their readers.

The same situation is on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like where comments, likes, replies, retweets, shares and other users actions are considered as one of the most important indicators that show whether posted articles engage others.

In social media, so-called engagement rate (or engagement ratio) is widely used thanks to which one can quickly see whether the content stream on a website really interests its readers and triggers responses from them.

The more various actions – shares, favorites, likes, comments, retweets, replies - you get from your audience after you’ve published the article the more engagement rate of your article is. Click To Tweet

Of course, making a like or share is easier than leaving a constructive comment. From the other hand, a good comment can include ambivalent opinions, useful tips and other interesting information thanks to which you can grow Facebook page fast. That’s why productive comments are so valuable, but how to get a lot of them?

Currently, you can find a lot of Facebook engagement posts on the Internet and this article is one of them. The Facebook engagement tips below are worth following when writing and then publishing an article on not only Facebook, but other social media networking sites as well.

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It’s worth mentioning that readers tend to leave comments only if the topic of the article they’ve read is closely linked to their interests, problems, feelings, and emotions, in other words, the topic people really care.

So, capture your audience’s attention by choosing the right topic that can really engage them and your work is bound to be greatly appreciated with many valuable comments left by your readers.

Of course, there are a lot of topics your users must be interested in, but not of them can really trigger a lively discussion you need. So, which topic would be the most appropriate ones for your purposes? Here are some:


Religion concerns almost all people on Earth and is greatly associated with a number of age-old philosophical questions the right answers to which human beings have never known. So, no one can remain indifferent to this topic and some of them are certain to open themselves up to you and give you their sincere responses as comments on the article.


Pets are very popular in many countries across the world. Today most householders have pets – dogs, cats, fish and others. You can post a good article on pets care or tell your audience an amusing story about your pet’s life.

Facebook engagement post


This is another good and very large topic most people are interested in. You can not only use a wide range of general issues such as doping and anti-doping in sports, pharmacology, premature specialization, over-training and child labor, but also tell your audience about some sports, sports events, teams and sportsmen.

Ask your audience a good question

One of the most effective ways to get more comments and increase your audience engagement rate is to add a question to your article. Click To Tweet

Of course, the question should be related to the content of your article and engage your readers triggering responses from them.

Use primarily simple questions such as ‘How was our performance?’, ‘How do you find it?’ or ‘What is your favorite movie (sports, book)?’ Asking questions that make your audience think long is not a good idea, because people are lazy by nature and most of your fans and followers are very likely to just ignore such hard questions.

From the other hand, sometimes a hard question is a good way to getting detailed and useful comments. All comments are valuable, but not all of them can be productive. Use questions such as ‘What do you think about …?’ or ‘How could we help us?’ that require detailed responses in order to get more productive comments.

Facebook engagement tips

Pictures and photos

Adding a number of nice photos or detailed pictures related to the topic of your article is a good way to give an opportunity for readers to consider further and quicker the content of your article. That, human beings obtain and comprehend visual information better when viewing photos or pictures is a proven fact.

On Facebook, it would be best to add at least some photos or pictures because of the specific mechanisms of showing them. On other social media, the amount of posted pictures can vary greatly depending primarily on the content of your article.

The above-mentioned methods are the most important ones and always work fine, but, in addition to it, you can also use a number of extra methods below.


Don’t forget to include jokes, amusing stories, and anecdotes in your posts. Thanks to humor it’s easier for you to interact with your audience that considers you as a simple human being like anybody else, not an SMO/SMM manager.

Short post

It’s well known that most users on Facebook like reading short articles with around 250-500 characters. So, make your posts short and detailed. Don’t make your audience read too long.

One or two hashtags

Adding hashtags to a post is a powerful way to capture more audience on Facebook, but note that none of posts with a long list of hashtags looks nice. So, make it a rule to use just one or two hashtags per post. Click To Tweet

Respect your audience

People love to be respected. So, talk to your readers as if you were talking to the President of the United States and you’re sure to get your audience’s attention and lots of useful comments on your post.


To be keep up with times provide regularly your fans and followers with the latest news. There are many things such as celebrity gossips, weather, awards shows, sport and political events, national holidays and so on in which most humans are interested every day.

Facebook marketing tips

Optimal time

If you want to get more comments from your readers, post your articles only at the optimal times. The optimal times may vary greatly depending on a wide range of factors including countries, topics, languages, traditions, habits and the like. So, try to post your articles when your engagement rate is the highest one.

Ask for advice

Helping others is typical of people. So, tell them a real complicated story that has happened to you or your customers and asks them for a bit of good advice about it.

Following the above Facebook marketing tips, you are sure to achieve a better engagement rate and get a lot of useful and interesting comments under the articles you’ve posted from your readers.

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