12 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketing and Growth in 2020

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12 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketing and Growth in 2020

Why you cannot lead business without growth hacking Chrome extensions

If you are building business processes to optimize the sales channel, optimize the flow of B2B, or just want to gather viewers for an online master class, you need to think and reason systematically.

Now it is difficult to imagine how to growth hack business without Chrome extensions. They not only speed up work but also optimize processes. To find the right extensions for yourself, you need to spend a lot of time. After this study, you choose for yourself tens of useful. And as a result, you will try to install only one extension, which you will forget about in just 5-7 days.

For the most inquisitive and deeply interested, we have prepared a review of the best Chrome extensions for marketers. Having received this useful information, you will understand which of them you will adopt for yourself, and which of them you will hide in the black box.

So, let’s see what’s new growth trends Chrome extensions brought to us this year.

1. Loom

Now you can easily find the necessary video materials, study them, and share with friends, colleagues, or subscribers on social networks. But not always it can be done quickly. Here Loom comes in hand.

Loom is a great solution for those who love to share videos with friends and partners. If you do not want to spend time searching for the right tool, then this extension is for you. To record a video, you need just 1 click to get the video URL. This tool saves time and makes video sharing instant.

The main advantage of this extension is that it allows instant video sharing. It is quite easy to use. The extension allows you to make a regular shooting, record on the front camera, and speak while shooting. And all this without switching to applications. The best part – it’s free.


2. Calendly

Busyness and lack of time during the day – this is what characterizes a weekday for any person in modern time. Heaps of electronic and paper calendars, reminders on the computer monitor, and on the phone go into action. The lack of connection between them brings chaos and disorder to the work schedule. To get rid of them, we recommend that you simplify your time planning and use only the electronic version. And with one source to create a plan.

When your schedule is completely crowded and full of meetings, it will be useful for you to have a simple link where others can choose a free time window.

It has this power advantages:

  •  Several people can reserve the same time for a joint meeting with you.
  •  Planning can be done directly through the site if you embed your personal page Calendly.
  •  Free time of your department will be visible to everyone on one page. Employees have not needed to view their calendars. Such a way they will not forget about the scheduled meeting.
  •  Can be synchronized with calendars, including Outlook and ICloud. In this regard, you will not have any joins, and meetings will not overlap one another.

3. Linked Helper

When the network of your contacts is growing and you need to send hundreds of requests to establish a connection, here you need special service. In this case, the Linked Helper is your golden key. It is able to make LinkedIn connections on a huge scale.

Its best features are:

  • Message Broadcasting. Planning a message broadcast is an incredible way to reach out to your connections (first or second) and tell them about a new product/service that you are offering.
  • Profiles Auto-VisitingThe auto-visiting feature is a fantastic way to connect to other people in your industry. You can search for other founders, CEOs, CMOs, etc. This is a great way to grow your connections to others in your field.
  • Endorsing. Of course, you interesting in getting as many endorsements you can to boost your profile. With auto-endorsements, this becomes a little easier to do. You can endorse your contacts, which they will usually return the favor for you or whoever you’re interested in.
  • Build a Mailing List. You can quickly download the CSV file from the auto-visiting feature and have a list of contacts for your email campaign.
Linked Helper

And it’s only beginning. With this awesome tool, you’re capable of developing a deep strategy to attract new clients and beneficial contacts. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Want to scale your business via LinkedIn? Try out our LinkedIn Growth Service – a combination of automation and individual control and we will do all the necessary work for you.

4. Similar Web

Studying competitors comes first. You should be aware of everything that happens in the niche of your business. And to know everything, you need to be able to quickly find the right data. And the data is needed not just generalized but in detail.

For such an analysis, the ideal assistant is Similar Web. It presents data in the form of traffic, scorecards, sources, and special words for optimization. It is incredibly convenient and greatly simplifies the research process.

It will facilitate the analysis and study of competitors’ sites and will allow you to learn much more about them. Traffic sources, ranking information, and a whole bunch more.


5. Clearbit

What could be more necessary than contacts of potential customers or the partners? That is the reason why Clearbit developed this growth extension. With its help, you can do a search for mail addresses of any company and get information about those who sent you messages on email.

You instantly gain useful contacts without spending a lot of time. This gives you the opportunity to get not just a few contacts, but hundreds and even more. It all depends on the scale of your task.


6. ContactOut

Multiple profiles on different social platforms make to get the right contacts difficult. It is often hard to come across the problems and you have to use different methods of hacking. Of course, this is not entirely legal and breaks the administration rules of the platform on which you are registered. But it is dangerous for your profile.

ContactOut allows you to use your work profile as a personal one. Thanks to this, you get up to 50 credits per month. This is 50 opportunities to receive profile data with a phone number and personal email.

No illegal actions and gray schemes. Your account will be safe and will not be considered suspicious. This extension is completely safe to use for your purposes.

No need to complicate the work. You no longer need to manually build processes. Therefore, use Chrome extensions and use free time for the benefit of your business.

contact out

7. Grammarly

This is probably one of the most popular tools you can find on Chrome Web Store. Wherever you write, everywhere on the Internet it is important to do it correctly.

With Grammarly, you will not have doubts and uncertain moments. You will always express your thoughts without mistakes and feel at your best. You have the ability to synchronize the extension with any social networks and receive instant corrections on grammar and spelling.


8. Giphy

GIFs have long won the hearts of Internet users. Animated images that do not spend a lot of traffic, like video clips, and at the same time just as well show emotions and the necessary meaning.

Thanks to this extension, your gifs will always be on hand when you want to share one of them.


9. Mozbar

Website optimization is now coming first. And of course, it’s silly to reject it and not use it for your own good. This is one of the best tools for promoting any business on the Internet.

This is a great find for those who care about SEO. Mozbar will show you everything you need: indicator views, keyword searches, and more. SEO fans are literally lucky, as this extension makes it as easy as possible to work with websites when analyzing SEO.


10. Rebrandly

We always share information and interesting finds on the Internet. It is difficult to count how many links we regularly send to each other. Moreover, few of us at least once thought about how important the external attractiveness of the link is.

Also, the visual perception of the link has a strong influence on how people relate to you, your company, or directly to the business.

Probably, no extension will cope with the task of simplifying and decorating your link like this. With Rebrandly, you can quickly change a regular long link by turning it into a beautiful, short, and recognizable one. And you will get valuable data on how many times the link was opened, where it was opened, and by whom (generalized data of course).


11. Facebook Pixel Helper

If you need help with working with the Facebook Pixels of the page, try Facebook Pixel Helper. Its icon will display the number of Pixel events shooted on the page. At the same time, it will show not only information and data but also error signals, success, and warn you about the problems. The Facebook Pixel Helper is best for businesses that match the next following.

  • If you have the Facebook Pixel, the choice to get the free Facebook Pixel Helper is a no-brainer.
  • Wish to Retarget Ads – if you want to start using retargeting to focus ads on warm leads.
  • Are Interested in Using Facebook Ads Strategically – If you’re looking for ways to gain insights into user behavior, which can be used to create more strategic ads.
pixel helper

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12. Great Suspender

Very often we walk on the Internet, opening new tabs every time. Of course, we consider it important that we have found it and are not in a hurry to close the tabs. We save, save, and eventually slow down our workflow by constantly flipping through and finding the right tab among all others.

Great Suspender is designed just for those who like to keep a huge number of tabs open at the same time. How does the extension work? Tabs are automatically unloaded with it. This saves the title text and the main tab icon.

The plus is that you can restore the tab at any time when you want. Thus, the extension frees up the memory in the browser and makes work in Chrome much more productive.

the great suspnder

Now you have a power

When you create content for a blog, website, or work page, what should you focus on? Right. On what users or your customers want.

To ensure that all business processes in your business go uphill and bring results, the use of extensions will be a good tool to ensure rapid growth and will help you save a ton of time. Apply these growth tools and stay strong 💪

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