3 Rules to Perfect Button Shadow

Tegra - August 26, 2019 - 0 comments

3 Rules to Perfect Button Shadow

3 rules how to make a perfect shadow for button

I always put a lot of attention to buttons because it’s the final step of UX on websites. Register, download, buy a product etc. Sometimes we need to make shadows to show the depth of the design. In these cases, my post should help you to make nice and clean buttons.

Courtesy of @konstantinzhuck

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Tools to blogpost: Webflow, Leadpages.

1. Use the color for shadow similar to button color.
2. Use opacity less the 40%
3. Make the shadow smaller that the button
Bonus. The secret formula. Use these options for regular button sizes. The most important things are: opacity, Y-position and spread.
Final note. Remember: shadows should complement the button. they shouldn't pay much attention. Use them only in the cases when it's necessary. Don't use them just for the beauty. Use shadows to show the depth. Not only to visual aesthetics. try different options for shadows. My formula is only the starting point.

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