3 Tips on Choosing the UI Design Style

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3 Tips on Choosing the UI Design Style

How to the style for your next UI Design project? 🚀 Courtesy of @bojanovakovic

Here are 3 main factors you need to pay attention to when you decide what color/type/everything to choose.

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We are going to tackle 3 areas. Target audience; Competitors; Color psychologyTarget audience. Identifying the target audience might be the most important thing to do before designing. Are you targeting young or mature people, or both? Is your customer a business? Is only 1 gender going to use the product? For example, if you are designing a try-on-makeup app, you might go with more feminine look. Or if you are selling the machines to the construction companies, you're not going to choose the youthful style.Competitors. Is there someone else solving the same or a similar problem? The bottom line is - don't look the same. Especially not if the competitor is a well-known brand. Avoid using the same colors, phrases and just overall fell and look. Try to be original as much as possible.Color psychology. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. But keep in mind that gender, age and culture play a big role in perceiving colors. Don't rely heavily on these principles, but rather try to include the target audience's personalities as well. It's worth spending time on finding a good balance.

Not enough? Here further reading 👇

Age Before Beauty – A Guide to Interface Design for Older Adults


This tools can help you conduct analytics and create your style: Funnelytics, Webflow, Crello, Flowkit.

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