5 Steps To Learn UX Design

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5 Steps To Learn UX Design

How to learn UX in 2019?

If I’d start all over again, I’d structure my curricula in 5 steps: ⁣

1️⃣Read & Watch: ⁣

📍SM blogs⁣

📍YouTube channels



⁣Most of us got excited to transition to UX after reading all of these engaging blogs. However, if you follow social media sources, you might end up with a very messy picture of the UX process.⁣ Try to stick to 1-3 sources max, just to not end up confused.⁣ Target people, you want to be like in the future.⁣⁣

2️⃣Get involved⁣

Meeting people and getting in touch with the design community helps to ⁣understand what you actually want to learn or improve⁣; find peers who can help you with your questions⁣; get hired/get business opportunities. ⁣

⁣There are 3 types of communities: ⁣

📍Slack communities⁣

📍Local communities⁣

📍Conferences ⁣

⁣3️⃣Structure your knowledge⁣

Online education is now way more efficient and actual way to learn university. It’s also the cheapest way to structure your knowledge, get into the community and get personal guidance.⁣ There are 2 ways: ⁣

📍Online courses: ⁣

The cheapest option that helps to build structured fundament.⁣ Btw, I launch pre-sale for my online course on May 1st! 🤗⁣


Same as a course, but 5x more expensive and practical. Take 3-6months and sometimes offline.⁣


The theory is just a waste of time without practice.⁣ If you wonder how can you practice if you ⁣don’t have clients and confidence yet, there are 3 ways: ⁣

📍Start a startup⁣

📍Hobby project/hackathon⁣

📍Help a local business⁣

Try to use the following tools: Leadpages, Flowkit, Crello.

5️⃣Become advanced⁣⠀

This step is mandatory when you feel that you’ve learned all that you can find and now it’s time to go deep.⁣There are 2 paths you can take: ⁣⁣

📍Master Degree: ⁣

If you’re interested in teaching, writing and being an expert⁣

📍Mentorship: ⁣

If you’re interested in practising, get a mentor who will point out your mistakes⁣.

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If I'd all over, I'd structure my curricula as following: read&watch; get involved; structure your knowledge; practice; become advanced.

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