6 biggest mistakes designers make

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Biggest mistakes designers make

Biggest mistakes designers make and how to avoid them 🤩🥇⚡️

Courtesy of @bymarkgerkules

1. Don't use contrast  When you designing and work with color you must have a good contrast so the colors will work great together, treat the little squere like a text or any design element you can imagine and see how the bad contrast example hurts the eye compare to the good example.
2. Make wrong layouts  Always remember when you working with text you need to be as accurate as you can, so the user will be on focus on what he reads and feel clean flow when reading.  When aligning text to left, keep the title aligned to left also, it's an important example many designers get wrong.
3. Design small buttons
4. Not doing research  Research is the most important thing a designer need to make before jumping to actually designing, it gives a lot of information about the market you design for, why you design, etc.
5. Using the wrong fonts  Just for example, look at this tow fonts compared to each other, you can see that each of them mean something completely different, either tho is the same text.
6. Giving too many options  When you designing, try to filter the options you designed (let's say logo design) to 3 or 2 options, present also your favourite one, so the client wouldn't be confused about which options to choose.
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Bonus: 4 tools that may be useful in your designer way:

Crello — the simplest online image editor. A simple but powerful tool to create awesome designs for any social media format — posts, covers, graphics, and posters using the best software on the web. It’s easy! A lot of animated designs.

Webflow — all-in-one web design tool that allows users to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually.

Funnelytics — an incredible tool that helps you build the best marketing funnel mapping.

Flowkit — allows designers to create frighteningly fast user flows within Sketch and Figma.

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