A 5 Step Guide to Smart Mass-Following

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One of the most interesting and useful methods of attracting the target audience is “Smart Mass-Following”. For many promoted niches, it is not replaceable. But not all of them know how to use it or use it extremely ineffectively.

In order for mass-following to be called smart, we need various important components. Before you start, you should have at least an approximate portrait of the client. It should not be in your head but written in your diary or notes — the more detailed, the better.

After you have prescribed it, you should start to think like your target audience, be more creative, imagine, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

If you need a fitness audience, look for fitness accounts, but don’t run to the fitness public at once. You need those who are currently engaged in fitness, not just staring at the videos on Instagram.

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Logical chain

Who exactly is doing sports or planning to do it soon? For example, those who have been active in delivering healthy meals to home in the last two weeks. Yeah, who else? And what’s next?
Thus you build a logical chain. Next, you do not just gather the target audience in the niche. You need to understand how to highlight the hottest target audience out of the available facts.
To do this, you need to know all the available database products and be able to use them. Then you can easily build the whole chain in your head.
Starting with the portrait of the client and ending with the filtering of databases and further mass-development.
Accounts from which you will collect databases should be as good as possible.

For example, on a good account with 4000-6000 subscribers on average 300-500 likes and 8-12 comments from people. The numbers are approximate, but you can be guided by them to improve the quality of work.
From the phone, run through the comments, profiles and make sure that there is your target audience.
Study clients and their subscriptions, see what they are interested in to pump their skills.

Technical part

There are two types of software for mass-following: cloud services and desktop software.
Cloud solutions are used by more people than desktop solutions.
1) Convenience. It is very convenient to go online or on the phone and start promoting
2) Ease. Cloud services are easier to use than desktop services, they have less functionality, which allows you to quickly understand and start working with them. You are not absorbed by routine, you take the basic settings and start working.
3) Prevalence. Cloud services are much larger, less functional – easier to create.
Also, very many cloud services were sold on a franchise. And not the very expensive franchise. This factor also led to its rapid spread.

As for desktop variants, the main disadvantage is that the software only works when the computer is turned on, but it is worth noting the advantages – often such programs have more functionality in comparison with cloud counterparts.

Safe limits

In any case, the choice of what service to use is yours. The main thing is to remember the “safe limits.”

Accounts created between 21 days and 3 months ago :

For accounts that were created 3 months to 6 months ago :

For accounts that were created 6 months ago :

Pause between actions

1) Do not subscribe immediately after unsubscribing! Wait at least 12 hours. Otherwise, there will be a temporary block for the subscription. If the account is not linked to Facebook. It is also recommended not to make unsubscriptions and subscriptions in one day, but do it on different days.

Social Media Marketing

It’s time to go social. We’ll make it simple.

Social media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. And if you are not applying this, you are missing out an incredible marketing opportunity, as it makes it easy to spread the word about your brand's mission to the universe.

Price brackets

    $1 500    -    $7 500 +

2) Pause for 24 hours for specific actions (subscription/like) after reaching its daily limit.
Example: have completed 800 subscriptions, wait 24 hours, and you can complete the next 800 subscriptions.

Recommendations for unsubscribe limits:

You can start the first day of unsubscription with 500 non-reciprocal or 300 reciprocal
Second day with 600 non-reciprocal or 400 reciprocal

Then you can increase the number by +100 every day.
Maximum can be set up to 1000 non-reciprocal or 700 mutual per day

Recommendations on the limits for the Directorate and AutoDirectorate:
The first day we recommend to make no more than 50 messages
The second day of 70 messages
The third day of 90 messages

Then you can increase the total number of messages by +20 every day.
We recommend up to 200 messages per day. Mailing speed: 12-15 messages per hour.

Recommended limits for comments:
We recommend that you make no more than 20 comments on the first day
The second day 30 comment
The third day 40 comment

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