Are Gradients The New Colors?

Tegra - August 28, 2019 - 0 comments

Are Gradients The New Colors?

Are Gradients The New Colors? Let’s take look at a few strong points towards Gradients with @benzata.design team.

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Gradients are memorable. We don't see many brands and advertisement using gradients from this past time. With the new use if gradient have made them in trend and leads to its popularity. We remember these unusual visuals much better because we aren't used to see them yet.
Gradients are Unique. There are limited numbers of flat color which are used by the designers and illustrators. But there are many gradients which can make your illustration and UI designs look unique. Designers can fade multiple different colors and the use of gradients actually adds a lot of more options to the amount of "tones" available.
Gradients feel realistic. We see way more gradients than flat colors. Every lemon has its shady half which is more brown or green. Same in flowers, the sky, different materials, and more. They are all painted with gradients. Maybe it might be more natural and logic for our eyes to see gradients also on our screens.

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