Are Rounded Buttons more recognizable?

Tegra - August 21, 2019 - 0 comments

Are Rounded Buttons more recognizable?

What if I tell you that, subconsciously, rounded corners have an effect on the human psyche? Should we swap sharp-cornered buttons with rounded buttons? Do rounded buttons perform better usability?

These are the questions you may run into when you dive into the UX behind rounded buttons in apps.

There is no right or wrong between applying a rounded look or a sharp-cornered appearance on buttons. A button’s corner radius should enable, encourage, and empower users to interact with the app, and reduce distractions by all means.

In essence, no tapping means no win.

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Fascination with Rounded corners. Rounded corners are more recognizable than sharp corners. It's because of a smoother feel with very few edges or hard angles to be found. This "smoothness" not only speaks to usability but also fosters an emotional connection with the device. Take the Ipad for instance. Apple put a lot of effort into creating a device that feels more like it grew on a tree than assembled in a factory.
It takes less cognitive load to see rounded rectangles than it does to see sharp-cornered ones. It's because distinguishable edges on the corners of cards guide's our eyes to recognize the visual differences. Conversely, cards with sharp corners look identical and unified from each other, which are less likely to attract our attention.
Oversaturating your design with rounded corners isn't a good idea. Fully rounded buttons are excellent in interfaces that have adequate space.
Full rounded buttons can cause Usability issues.
Rounded corners evoke warmth and trust. Many call them "friendly rectangles" for this reason. This is exactly why many call-to-action buttons (a.k.a buy-now or sign-up buttons) are designed this way. It makes customers feel safe about doing business with a brand. As mentioned earlier, the natural movement of our eyes is accustomed to curves. Sharp corners abruptly knock your attention off a path when it changes direction.
Create's Emphasis. Because unique shapes stand out, they can direct attention to different parts of a screen. This combination of a round floating action button and curved bottom app bar stands out from the rectangular shapes elsewhere on screen.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think, let me know in the comments below!

Cheers! 👋

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