4 great reasons to double down on email marketing

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Email marketing

About email marketing

We often take email as a habitual thing. We use it every day at work at home, and everywhere you want. It is simple and easily accessible. Here some thoughts about email marketing.

91% of people spend quality time with their inboxes every day. This number means email is the most popular place where all of your customers will be on which is so good. This is where email marketing begins.

Here are 4 great reasons why email marketing is good

1. Email marketing – direct communication between you and customers. People’s inboxes are often their “To Do” lists – and your email can be part of that list.

2. It`s also targeted. You can send a different message and different call to action to every single contact you have.

3. It’s pretty easy to set up and get going quickly. A lot of businesses use it as one of their first marketing channels.

4. It’s easy to track your goals. Tracking email engagement rates help you figure out if your email marketing is working.

Email Example
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No time for rest

So, you can create many useful, timely and interesting emails, hit send, and chilling in the chair. Not really. Here 4 measures you must know. Two of them are the most important, and another two aren’t that crucial.

– Click-through rate (CTR) – % of people who clicked on your email links. CTR tells you if your emails are useful, timely, or interesting enough. Tracking it will show you if your message or offer can successfully get people to click your links and learn more. You can also measure how your CTR changes over time to know when you should update or tweak your email content.

– Conversion rate – % of people taking action your email asked them to do. Conversion rate tells you if your email marketing is helping your business. A potential customer becomes a “conversion” when they take the ultimate action you wanted them to take, like buying something from your online store. Conversion rate, then, is one of the most important things to track if you want to know how much your email marketing is helping you reach your goals.

– Open rate – % of people who opened your email.

– Unsubscribe rate – % of people who decided to unsubscribe after getting your email.

It should be remembered that open and unsubscribe rates are unreliable.

An email is only counted as opened if the person also gets the images embedded in the email. Unfortunately, a lot of people have automatic image blocking.

You also can`t tell how many people unsubscribed, as a lot of them don`t bother using your unsubscribe button. They`ll just stop opening or reading your emails, or send the, to the spam folder. And also always ask the permission from your customer (like we did on a popup on our website tegra.co) when you subscribe him to a newsletter.

Even if you`re not quite ready to launch a full email marketing campaign, you can start thinking about the types of useful, timely, or interesting emails that could work for your business.

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