Do you make a backup copy of your Instagram’s profile?

Tegra - January 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Do you make a backup copy of your Instagram's profile?

Instagram won't be lost

Recently, Instagram has been blocking accounts for no good reason.

Previously, it was possible to restore an account even in a few hours, but now the process can take weeks and months, and the most “lucky” do not manage to unblock their accounts at all.

In this regard, we would like to remind you about the existence in Instagram of the function to download all data from your profile!

This feature allows you to get an archive with all the photos, videos and stories that have been published in your account. The archive will also contain lists of subscribers and subscriptions. Lists with your likes and comments and (boom!) a list with all conversations in the direct!

Therefore, if you periodically request a file with all this information, you will always have a fresh backup of your account at hand.

And if you realize that you are no longer able to restore access to your old account, you can always start a new one by taking all the content from the backup and subscribing to the old subscribers.


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How do I can do that?

To request a file with all the data, you need to go to this page using your browser.

Or in the mobile application go to Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Download Data -> Then follow the instructions.

There are a few nuances

1. In the archive, all photos, videos, and stories will be in a typical “human” form, but all the other lists will be in JSON format, that won't make it easy for a people who don't know.

2. You can request a data file every four days.

3. The archive with the data can be formed to 48 hours, depending on the quantity of the data in it, and then will be sent on email.

4. The link to download the archive will only be available for 48 hours, so download the file immediately, do not postpone.

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