Don’t play with Instagram. How to unblock your account.

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Don't play with Instagram. How to unblock your account.

What if you lost?

There is a special form for restoring accounts. Visit this form and fill in all necessary fields:

1. Name and surname.

2. User name (login) of your account.

3. Email.

4. The country from which you are writing.

In a few minutes, you will receive an email with a code. You will need to take a sheet of A4 or A5 format and write on it this code, below write the first and last name.

Then you will need to take a selfie with this piece of paper or ask someone to take a picture of you. When the photo is ready, you need to send it in response to that email with the code. Now all you have to do is wait for a support response to the same email. If you don't receive the code letter, fill out the form again!

5 useful tips

Tip #1

At the first step, when you're on the account recovery page choose “No” in a field where it says “is your account being used to represent a company, product or service”.

This should be done even if your account is commercial! This is done so that you don't have to attach company documents that many people don't have. Some business accounts have been restored in this way, without any documents. But Instagram can send you a second email asking to resend company documents.

Tip #2

If Instagram asks to send company documents to send documents like LLC, Inc or SP. In the certificate, the company name may not coincide with the name of the account and it is normal, Instagram will accept it.

Tip #3

If Instagram has sent a letter where it is written that they cannot accept this document (registration certificate), just resend it again.

Tip #4

If there is no answer from Instagram for a long time, then repeat the whole recovery procedure, starting with starting with filling out the form and the photo with the code.

Tip #5

Facebook has a live-chat with people from advertising support, even though they are designed to solve problems associated with advertising, sometimes answer other questions, and can also transfer matters to other departments.

You can find the chat on this page, and only those who buy ads from Instagram or Facebook will have a chat button.

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Examples of success and failures

– Once managed to unblock an account in 3 hours. But there is an example when the account was in the block precisely one month.

– Once managed to restore an account that was blocked forever. How was it unlocked? By sent letters of complaint to technical support.

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Let the blockages bypass you! #instagram

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