Golden Rules for Minimal UI Design

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Golden Rules For Minimal UI Design

The Subtle art of Minimal Interface Designing 🔥 Courtesy of @benzata.design

Minimal designing has seen an uptrend in the last 3 to 5 years and we can find many websites and app to use this kind of designs.

Minimal design helps the designers communicate more with less use of elements and proper use of white space.

Being a huge fan of minimal UI design, we feel happy to write down some essential tips to be taken care of while designing Interface.

Btw, Webflow – an ultimate toolkit to create a minimal design for websites.

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What is Minimal UI Design? Minimal Designing forces designers to say more with less. For Minimal Interface Design deals with removing all the extra elements from the app or the webpage. Minimal design helps to let the user focus on the prime objective of the app. Choose one element, take it away, if it should, throw that element out because it is not absolutely required, if not keep it.
Use the White Space. The proper use of white space have a prominent impact on the users. After removing the unwanted elements, the remaining whitespace should be used properly; maintaining the asthetics, spacing, padding, balancing the elements etc.
Use Relevant Images. Images plays an influencial role in Minimal Design. One image can convey several written text. Chaotic. Don't use any generic photos. Images should not be included unless they're necessary for making your message clear. Images with random multiple colors should not be used.
Simplify Color Scheme. Simplifying the color scheme improves the user experience while having too many colors can have a negative impact upon it. However, limiting a color scheme doesn't mean that you need to design in black and white with one accent color. The idea with a minimalist design is to use only the colors necessary to accurately portray your design and create hierarchy.
Font is Important. When designing web sites, especially minimalist sites, typography is a big thing. A great font will help you round out the UI design and make all the elements come together in a harmonious way.
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