Hardest UX Questions

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Designer Round Table // Part One  I asked a group of prolific designers to answer the hardest UX question...

Hardest UX Questions 🧐

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The hardest question any UX Designer has to answer could quite possibly be, «What the heck does a UX Designer do?» It’s… oddly daunting. I usually go with something along the lines of, «I help design the way people interact with a brand, product, or service. Be it an app, website, voice experience, or car display, etc.» The conversation usually tail-spins after that LOL

What do you say?

Thank you to all the designers participating in Round one of the Designer Round Table series! @design_pilot @misaac85 @ryan.warrender @brand0ngr0ce @halilos.coaching @uxgoodies @davidoadesign.

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Question  "How would you define what you do as a UX Designer to someone that knows nothing about it?"  Context // I feel like this is a question we need to able to confidently answer in order to help demystify the industry and attempt to curb the, "graphic designer that makes pretty things" stigma.
@design_pilot  I usually give the, a real life example of an app that they use that's pretty bad. Such as a train booking app/website. And I tell them, everyone faces issues because they don't know how to start, they don't know how to find information, etc.  Then I explain that my job is to design the look of the interface in such a way that you are able to perform a task successfully without any confusion.
@misaac85  Usually, I say I'm a "UX Designer" and they ask, "What's that?"  So, I have them take out their phones, and ask them to "open any app". (Say they open facebook) Then I say, "Okay, you see what happens when your press buttons? I design that! Also, I design where buttons go also."  Then they usually respond with, "Wow, that's so cool! So you work at facebook??" 🤣  Classic show and tell. Show then tell.
@ryan.warrender  You know when you are using a website or an app and think to yourself, "Wow, this is a great experience!"  Well, behind the scenes a UX Designer spent weeks researching, designing, and testing what they thought you'd like.
@brand0ngr0ce  The simplest way to explain UX in my opinion is that we are experts at aligning our business' product to our customer needs, by figuring out/testing if our customers like, can use, and understand our products in the way they want to use them.
@halilos.coaching  I think I would say, "I make businesses look good on the web."
@uxgoodies  I make interfaces act smoothly and feel friendly. My mission is to create digital products that humans enjoy.
@davidodesign  I usually say I look for problems we can solve for users and create solutions that also make sense business-wise.  But if you ask my mom, I'm the guy who, "makes the buttons." 😆
...and you?  Let me know in he comments how you explain to people what you do as a UX Designer

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