How Much Should I Charge for Design Work?

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How Much Should I Charge for Design Work?

How Much Should I Charge for Design Work?

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  • How much of an investment should a client put into my work?
  • Should you charge hourly or implement value-based pricing?
  • How do you determine what is fair to both you and the client?

There is no formula, no rules, and no perfect way to do it, but here are some tips that might really help you decide next time.

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Useful tools: Leadpages, Funnelytics.

Choose the right Pricing model. Hourly rate or Fixed price.How much Value are you providing this client? Value-based pricing - try to base the product or service's price on how much the client believes it is worth.Price the client, not the job. The client is paying for the project from his personal money. The business is already making some money or funded. A company with lots of employees that's making lots of money.Study the client. How much money does your client make? Study the standard rate in the area where you/the client live(s). Determinate the value of your project to the company.Ask questions. How many things will this product touch? What is the marketing budget? What kind of impact does their product or service make on their customers?Determinate your costs. How big your business is also determinates how much you should charge. Don't forget about taxes & savings.Experiment with your rates. Keep in mind is that there is no right price. This is why most designers have a habit of increasing or changing their prices every year because they consistently improve their knowledge and skills. Eventually. you'll be able to ask for higher rates and even double your rates.I hope you liked this post.Do you have any feedback? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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