How (not) to be a Stupid Designer

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How (not) to be a Stupid Designer

🖼 How (not) to be a Stupid Designer!

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Being a designer goes beyond knowing how to solver problems beautifully. There are many qualities that, as designers and creatives, we should all reinforce.

In this post, I share the ones that seem most important to me.

1️⃣ Be a box (open)

1. Be a box (open)  We work with ideas daily, and we need to be open to them. I know you are an expert, but you will not always be right.  Learning is always necessary. Practice your skills and learn new ones. Use new tools, get new ways to develop your ideas. Be a box, yes, but full of ideas that flow out.

2️⃣ Learn from feedback

2. Learn from feedback  Believe me, good feedback is your best friend. Leaving the ego aside is difficult sometimes, but it is super necessary.  Learn from criticism and use it as a way to improve as a designer, finding mistakes and correcting them is a beautiful process.

3️⃣ Be collaborative

3. Be collaborative  As creatives, we need to collaborate with other creatives. This allows us to grow and develop our skills better.  Do not compare yourself with anyone, it is not a competition! Follow at your own pace and try to teach what you have learned. Teaching is by far the best way to learn.

4️⃣ Go beyond!

4. Go beyond!  What is more beautiful than falling in love with what we do? As designers, we must establish solutions and see beyond the regular.  Don't just complete a brief! Establish alternative solutions and take each piece as part of what it is: your work, and it needs to be well executed.

5️⃣ Learn to listen

5. Learn to listen  There are no wrong opinions. Users may not know how to solve problems but can comment on what they do not understand. And there is the key: learn to listen.  Stop assuming what you think users will do and start developing solutions based on real needs. Yes, you can make it beautiful, but it needs to work.

6️⃣ Be (really) creative

6. Be (really) creative  We get paid for being analytical and creative, not for copying and pasting.  We must take advantage of the power of inspiration.  There is a thin line between copy and inspiration. Being authentic and unique defines our style and speaks well of us, not copying others.

7️⃣ Be humble

7. Be humble  Nobody is interested in how many courses you have taken, which program you use or which is the last generation computer you have bought. But what you are capable of doing with everything you have learned.  Being humble is vital (and absolutely necessary). Be an example, not a smug one.

8️⃣ Love yourself! ❤️😌

8. Love yourself!  At the end of the day, you have a life to live. Get up from the chair and go for a walk, share with your family and friends. If you are a freelancer, leave the house and go to coworking.  You need energy. I know you love to design but you also have to love your mind and your body.  Don't be stupid!
Gracias!  Let's learn together, let me know your thoughts and what you would like to learn in the comments!

Bonus: 4 tools that may be useful in your designer way:

Crello â€” the simplest online image editor. A simple but powerful tool to create awesome designs for any social media format — posts, covers, graphics, and posters using the best software on the web. It’s easy! A lot of animated designs.

Webflow â€” all-in-one web design tool that allows users to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually.

Funnelytics â€” an incredible tool that helps you build the best marketing funnel mapping.

Flowkit — allows designers to create frighteningly fast user flows within Sketch and Figma.

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