How not to give up your account to bad guys?

Tegra - February 7, 2019 - 0 comments

Protect your account

Accounts have always been stolen and will continue to be stolen.

During the last couple of days we have received messages from several people who allegedly received letters from Instagram with a request to “verify” the account, otherwise, it will be blocked.

In the messages, there was a link to the site, which had nothing to do with Instagram. If you follow this link, then their people met a form of “verification” in which you had to enter your email, username, and password, and then send it to the fraudsters!

Let's consider several schemes that the scammers are working on and find out how to protect ourselves from them!

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Scheme #1

Directory receives messages supposedly from Instagram administration with a request to follow some link and enter data from the account. Most often, scammers try to use the words “Instagram” and “verification” in the name of the account and domain.

How do you protect yourself?

– Instagram does not send any messages to its users.
– There is no “tick” on the fraudsters' accounts.
– The names of accounts are written with errors.
– The link in the message has nothing to do with the instagram.com domain

Scheme #2

Mails similar to those sent by Instagram are sent to your mail. Only this time they ask you to “verify” your account again or for some other reason, they want you to enter your data.

How do you protect yourself?

– Instagram does not send such emails.
– Carefully check the address from which the email came.
– Carefully check the address of the website you are being asked to visit.
– And most importantly, do not specify in your account in contacts the same e-mail and phone number, which is registered in your account!

Scheme #3

Some site/service offers free likes and subscribers to get them to enter a login and password from the account. In many cases, such sites are fraudulent!

How do you protect yourself?

– Never and nowhere enter your login and password, if you are not sure about the reliability of a particular service.

There is another way to protect yourself from scammers – it's two-factor authentication, we wrote about it here!

By enabling two-factor authentication, no one can log in to your account, even if you put your password in your feed for all your subscribers. Because, after entering your password, Instagram will require a security code, which will be sent to you in the form of an SMS or code in a special application Google Authenticator.

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