How to Build an App that Stands Out?

Tegra - August 12, 2019 - 0 comments

How to Build an App that Stands Out?

The battle to stand out in app stores is getting tougher with every passing day. But going above and beyond with the work you put into branding, user experience and user interface, can skyrocket your app. 🚀⠀

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Build your product's brandA brand is more than a logo, a name or a set of colours and fonts. Know who your product is and what it stands for. you want to be easily recognisable and present an appealing identity. Make sure that under the looks, your future users will find something they resonate with.Branding is what makes your product say: "This is who I am, this is what I do, this is what you can expect from me". Branding is more than marketing efforts, whose tactics are what's pushing users to check out your product's landing page and test your product. But it's your brand's strength that determines a user to stay loyal and recommend your product to their friends Create a valuable user experienceIf branding makes you consistent in who you are, user experience is what makes your product deliver the value you promised. A positive user experience finds the balance between your objectives as a business (growing and turning profits) and the goals of the users (usually, solving a problem for them or satisfying a want they have)Go where your users are and understand them. Map their processes, identify their frustrations, test and validate your prototype with them. You may not always be able to give them what they want, but when you succeed in giving them what they need, they will appreciate you solving a problem for them.Create a delightful user interfaceUser interface is the face your product will show every day to the people using it. Strive to keep things clear and delightful for users. A great user interface clarifies and supports the user's options and tasks, is pleasant for the eye and offers clear feedback on actions taken, but also manages to add delightful elements (i.e. a celebratory animation, an icon that conveys personality)

Useful tools to the blogpost: Notion, Webflow, Crello, Funnelytics.

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