How to Build Your Unbelievable Email Marketing Team

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Email Marketing Team


Email marketer, email specialist, email manager, email marketing strategist. Sounds like titles for people who send out marketing emails? Actually, this email marketing team make sure that email is an integral part of your marketing, that it drives sales to your business, and that whatever you send out is part of a bigger strategy.

Power of email

Did you know that emails get you 6x more click-throughs than tweets? If email marketing is so effective, you must invest in it — create a cool team for these purposes.

Before you start calling marketing headhunters, set clear goals for what you want to achieve.

Your email marketing efforts should support the main business objectives. This will help set up messaging is consistent and is right for your target audience.

There are 3 types of email marketing goals:

  1. Acquisition – build your subscriber list and send emails that encourage action.
  2. Retention – keep existing customers interested and engaged.
  3. Awareness – get your brand in front of as many people as possible.

You will understand what type of people you need, based on email marketing goals.

If your goal is an acquisition, look for candidates who are nimble and are skilled at writing copy that drives subscriptions and sales.

If your goal is retention, look for candidates who are comfortable segmenting customers, setting metrics, doing analysis, and who know how to craft emails to meet specific needs.

If your goal is awareness, look for storytellers who can write engaging copy that ties into your brand voice, catches people’s attention, and makes headlines.

It’s about quality

You do not have to hire a crowd of people to generate ideas and put them into practice. You could bring in a writer, or a designer, or a strategist, or all 3. It is also normal practice to manage the email marketing yourself. (Yes, there can be an “I” in a team.)

Successful email marketers are great communicators and curious researchers. They read a lot and explore the world a lot. Having a writer on board is helpful. But if you don’t have one, make sure the marketer who is assigned to the role is a good editor.

When looking for new people, pay attention to their work in previous campaigns and ask them about their thinking behind the process. Also, have them present ideas on how to improve your marketing. You might want to ask the candidates to run a test campaign. When reviewing these tests, pay close attention to their ability to write engaging subject lines, maintain brand voice, and use effective calls to action (CTA).

Strategy first

When a brand new email marketing team is completed, the first task is to develop a shiny, new email marketing strategy.

Creating a strategy is a bit like wearing bifocal glasses: It’s being able to look at short-term goals, long-term goals, and considering how your email marketing activity ties into your brand’s overall revenue goals.

At the planning stage, the team should think about how to manage different email lists, how to approach campaigns with different goals, and how to balance those along with triggered messages and transactional emails.

To effectively cope with these tasks, you need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the strategy, see the weaknesses and strengths. Then need to communicate these learnings and suggest changes based on the data they gathered.

And of course, the result can’t be 100% but let the team create, correct and experiment. Behind the craziest ideas often hides the truth.

In addition to thinking about the bigger picture strategy, your email marketing team needs to know how to handle day-to-day operations.

Your email marketing team should create a content calendar with weekly emails, release dates, product launches, and special events. Review the calendar with them once a week to see if they’re on the right track, and adjust if changes are needed.

Time to push

Look at the finished emails a couple of times, make sure they are flawless. Services like Litmus let you see how your emails look on different devices so you can preview them before hitting send button.

Also, to make sure your emails are going to customers and not to spam folders, your team should be up to date on how spam filters work. Take time to study this point.

Now, with this knowledge (and others too), it’s time for you to assemble your own A-team.

Useful email services that help you start your email campaign:

GetResponse – an email marketing platform that enables you to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so you can develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base.

ConvertKit – an email marketing solution for those who are interested in increasing conversions and optimizing their sales funnel.

Emailoctopus – an email marketing service for users of the cloud-based email-sending service Amazon SES. Its features include app integrations, blog automation, responsive templates, real-time analytics, and more.

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