How to receive more than 3,000,000 search trafic for website

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Content site promotion

LivePage was looking for a solution to this problem. And in 2014 we concluded that content promotion is the best way to promote websites in English.
In this article, you’ll learn about strategies for getting search engine traffic that leads your online business.

Besides, we’ll look into it:
The case, where we have received more than 3,000,000 search traffic for the English language information site using these strategies.
English-language promotion case – we received more than 70 leads per month with a cost of more than 25,000 USD each.

Why does the promotion with content work?

  • A lot of possible topics for content with low competition.
  • Weak development of material by competitors.
  • The result of the project is based on three whales:
    – Competitor analysis;
    – Content creation;
    – Link building.

Let’s look at the stages of content promotion in more detail on examples.

Promotion planning

Strategic planning and immersion in the essence of the project – that will accelerate the growth of search traffic on the site.

Do not ignore this stage!

Ideally, you should develop a “road map” for the agency and the customer: with stages, a list of works and costs for the next six months. Funnelytics.io — an incredible tool that helps you build the best funnel mapping.

And fix clear metrics on the amount of work performed.

Read further details of planning and work on the content promotion of the site.

Competitor analysis

The most critical stage, which helps to understand how the niche leaders were created, developed and work, with whom we will fight for organic traffic.

We need to analyze 3-4 competitors and evaluate them:

the amount of traffic and its sources;
traffic pages (search for growth points);
reference strategies.
Detailed analysis will allow us to find the competitors’ weaknesses and build a proper strategy of search engine promotion for 4-8 months.

Where to find the competitors? For example here: Top Small Business eCommerce Companies.

The estimated amount of search traffic

It is essential to determine the estimated amount of competitors’ search traffic – this can be done with the help of the Similarweb service.

Competitor site with the most traffic and will be your first “test case” for finding growth points.

For English-language information sites, it is vital to receive traffic from countries with a high price per click or high payment for the attracted lead.

If you find a competitor, but the primary traffic is from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, then drop the site from the analyzed ones.

Using a simple formula, we can calculate the maximum search traffic on information projects in the niche – in case of leader’s analysis.

Formula: total traffic *% of search traffic / 100%

For instance: 11,470,000 * 68.36 / 100 = 7,840,892 per month or more than 260,000 per day.

I suggest you make a table in Google Docs and put it in it:

vertically – the name of competitors’ websites;
horizontally – the amount of traffic per day from different channels.
After such a rough analysis, you can plan the growth of the project for the next year with forecasts for each month.

By posting data every month, you will see whether the plan is being implemented or needs to be “pushed.”

Search for growth points of search traffic
To quickly catch up with competitors in terms of content quality and quantity, it is necessary to identify their traffic pages. And to work on the selected areas in the first place.

For the analysis, we recommend using the data from SemRush.

Service allows you to determine the most traffic pages of any site, upload them to tables and then use the data in the content plan for 3-6 months.


Make a killer site for E-commerce

We start with a ton of research. Target buyers, funnels, performance data, UX studies. We gather key insights to implement them. Then? We develop every page from the first touchpoint with the user-oriented approach all the way to the shipping confirmation.

Price brackets

    $10 000    -    $20 000 +


Reference strategies of competitors

Domain credibility

We continue to fill in the Google Docs table with competitors, add the DR (domain rating) parameter to it, which can be obtained by analyzing the sites in Ahrefs.com.
It is essential to identify the unique number of domains that refer to your competitors. Pay attention to the “Live” data.

Number of referring subnets

Notice the number of “Referring IPs” and “Referring Subnets.” The closer these parameters are to each other, the better and more natural the reference mass is.

Anchor list

Look at the anchors of competitors and determine the relative naturalness:

quite natural – the percentage of brand requests and anchors in the form of URLs reaches 20-40%;
not physical enough – the rate of branded queries is less than 10%, a lot of anchors in the way of phrase-search queries.

Determine which pages on competitors’ websites have the most links, natural or not.

So you will understand what directions to focus on the promotion of your site.

Analytics of the received data

After filling in the table, you will need to analyze the parameters of your competitors and compare them with your results.

Understanding how many times you lag behind niche leaders will help you develop your reference strategy and outline your work plans for 3-6 months.

The ideal result would be to get 30-50% of the number of referring domains from the niche leader in a year.


Then there is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a successful content marketing strategy and an example of TOR for information content.

Content plan

Planning the publication of content is an essential step in achieving the set traffic goals for the year. I wrote about the search for traffic pages in the section “Competitor Analysis” above.

The content plan can be compiled as a table in Google Docs.

Hopeless design

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Creating TORs for text

The goal is to make the best article on the right topic throughout the Internet.

The quality will allow the article to get into the top and get a lot of low-frequency traffic.

Therefore, the time of compiling one ToR per text takes from 1 to 2 hours.
Using the tools of competitor analysis and keyword search, you can collect more related search queries and make the ToRs for the text better.

Step-by-step instructions for drafting the ideal ToR for the text.
Understanding the topic

The key to creating a better ToR for the text is to understand the material.

To understand the material:

Take the future topic of the article and search Google for information;
Read 1-3 top items in the issue;
Understand the concepts;
Watch the video on Youtube.

Technical Requirements for TK

– at least 700 words of content;
– For this size, use 7-10 keywords, preferably all of them synonymous, not just the same phrase 7-10 times;
– Break the text into paragraphs of 500-700 characters on average (5-7 sentences of 10-15 words). Alternate long and short sentences, do more sections;
– Add low-frequency phrases (low-frequency queries) to be used in the content;
– Make bulleted/numbered lists;
– Use the main passphrase of the text in the first 50 words;
– Distribute keywords evenly throughout the book.

The logic of content structure

You can safely use our template in your work.

How to entice a reader

The purpose of this article is to convince the reader that you know what you are writing about, see the solution to the problem and your answer will be easy to use.

The process of drawing attention is divided into 3 parts:

Agree (describe the idea or statement that the readers will agree with, show that you understand and are familiar with their problem). Example: I think you will agree that it is difficult for IT companies to get leaders through external marketing.
A promise (to explain that you also have a problem with readers and know the solution, tell them what to do, what the answer is): In the three years of cooperation with Yalantis, we have tried a lot of tactics of getting traffic, working with different efficiency. This allowed us to develop a clear list of actions and tactics that you can use in your business.
Preview (give a hint at what you can read in the article, it is essential to show the numbers): In the article we will describe in detail the working strategies of Internet marketing, which allowed Yalantis to increase the number of incoming leads through the site by 1030% per year with the help of content.
I have taken from the work of Backlinko.

Collecting key phrases

I am running in the Semrush service.

Let’s look at the example of kitchen glass splashbacks for UK region.

Set the required region: the UK in the example.

We’re opening the whole phrase list:

I am studying all the keys that might make sense to us.

Semantics of competitors

Additional low-frequency keywords (or LSI keys) are an essential factor in getting quality low-frequency traffic for articles.

They are found by analyzing what key requests are used to rank competitors’ articles on a selected topic.

Let’s look at the example of kitchen glass splashbacks for the UK region.

We present the important region: the UK in the example.

Next, we go on to the first, second and third URL and study the key phrases that rank competitors.

It’s important!

The analysis of the first page of the competitor, which is ranked by the phrase “kitchen glass splashbacks”, allows you to get semantics for TK from 289 keywords instead of 30 in the example above.

Additional sources of LSI keys

A) Content on competitors’ websites.

B) Search cues.

What else do we send to the copywriter

In addition to key phrases, search engine prompts, and content logic, we send you an article plan with explanations of what to write about and links to competitors’ articles that we liked when analyzing.

This minimizes possible misunderstandings and reduces the time of task execution.

Below is an example:

External links in content

We use from 3 to 20 external links in all articles. This does not prevent us from occupying the top for key phrases with a frequency of more than 200,000 per month per item. See the confirmation in the case study.


Consecutive publication of 5-20 articles per month on the above recommendations is the key to the growth of search traffic. Non-observance of the given recommendations will considerably distance you from the set purposes both on transport, and on the carried out missions.

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