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Tegra - April 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Here’s the same conversion optimization framework that’s helped clients increase their marketing ROI by over 500%

Wouldn’t you love it if you nailed your next PPC campaign? Or got more sales and led from your existing traffic?

Then check this out. You can use this framework to quickly teardown ANY landing page or web page and come up with a list of valid experiment ideas.

You can also use it to guide the creation of a new landing page.

Useful tools: Leadpages, Webflow, Flowkit, Funnelytics.

Now, you may be thinking — “Why should I use this, I already have some CRO ideas I want to try.”

Because they probably won’t work…

Many marketers see landing page optimization as – “Let’s change some elements, colors, rewrite the headline, and test EVERYTHING.”

The truth is, increasing conversion rates is so much more than that.

Best practices and lists of CRO hacks won’t always cut it (they flat out ignore the context around your product and your unique customers).

[bctt tweet=”A good optimization program starts by modeling your customers’ minds so you can tailor your test experiments and marketing messages for them (and not what a blog post suggests)” username=”hellotegra”]

And that’s precisely what this CRO framework does.

So, if you’ve ever…

— said “let’s test it” when someone thought their idea would bring in better results

— ran an A/B test on button colors

— or bookmarked a blog post like “99 A/B test idea that WILL make you more money”.

Then this is for you.

Follow this short process, and in no time at all, you’ll have a big list of applicable test experiments and changes that are grounded in customer psychology and tailored for your unique audience.

Extra advice: look at the Top eCommerce Marketing Agencies and how their websites are designed, find the pros and cons and make your own best.

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