How to start Freelancing with no experience?

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How to start Freelancing with no experience?

How to Start Freelancing with No experience?

By: @fazurrehman

In this post, I am gonna share with so many things related to your design business, and If you just started or wanna start freelancing then I hope this post will help you!

Take a moment and understand this!

You are not the only freelancer, but you are also a business owner, so please stop consider yourself as the only Freelancer!

In this post, I will tell you:⠀

1️⃣ Creative & Business side of freelancing,

2️⃣ How you can start freelancing

3️⃣ How to Price Projects?

4️⃣ How to Create a Proposal!

5️⃣ Business Tools & Resources! (Spoilers: WaveApps; and.co; Notion; Airtable; Trello; Keynote & Word)

6️⃣ How to find clients

Best sources for learning freelance business:

+ Invision Blog

+ TheFutur Channel on youtube


+ Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

+ Freelance, and Business, and Stuff by hoodzpahdesign

+ Value–Based Fees: How to Charge & Get What You′re Worth⠀

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Understand. Understand Creative&Business side of freelancing. You are business owner. So please don't consider yourself as the only Freelancer!Freelancing is hard with No Experience! It's very important to have some experience in your field before choosing a freelancing career for this you might do an Internship or Official job.How to price projects? Very important thing is knowing your baseline pricing, somehow you have to know your hourly price and it could be anything $10, $40 & more. After this, you may able to easily calculate project costing! Learn, how to create proposal! If you are working professionally then proposal really important for you, to create better understanding between you and clients.How to write a Proposal? You don't need to write 20 pages proposal, make it sample example below I am showing you, how I write my proposals. Slide 1: About me (Who I am, What I do & Services). Slide 2: Project Understanding. Slide 3: Your Process (How you will complete project). Slide 4: Timeline. Slide 5: Deliverables (Milestones). Slide 6: Pricing. Slide 7: Terms & Conditions. Slide 8: Sign OffBusiness Tools & Resources! I mostly use these for managing business like Invoicing, Proposal, CRM and more...If you have question, how to find clients then? First try to present yourself as brand because you are a brand, remember 'Visibility is key' meaning is showing more work and getting more work! There are plenty tools available, you can start building online portfolio on SocialMedia like Instagram, Dribbble, Behance & MoreLearn from valuable sources. Invision Blog & Medium; YouTube (TheFutur, The Jonathan Stark Show); Books (Creative Strategy and the Business of Design; Freelance, and Business, and Stuff by hoodzpahdesign; Value-Based Fees: How to Charge & Get What You're Worth)Thanks for being awesome & Support me

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