I steal your idea, you steal my idea and we both grow (Part 2: the analysis)

Tegra Agency - December 3, 2018 - 2 comments

Hard customers - so what?

Hard customers – so what?

Last time we looked at a situation that happens very often between hard customers and a brand strategist. The client was difficult in every sense. He just saying the same thing over and over again. So there’s not a lot of new we can add to it. But fortunately, during the dialogue, it happens that people change their argument.

That makes sense. Nothing happens if client just repeat the same thing again and expect that we’re making any real progress here. We are in the digital agency, just don’t feel like it’s a good fit. So we would try to avoid of this type of people.


So what we’re trying to do here, in our agency, is not to argue with hard customers. This is embrace part – if you want it fast – yeah, there are a lot of fast options. If you want it cheap – there’re lot of cheap options as well. We’re okay with that. We’re not gonna try to sell you anything you don’t want. We can’t do it that way. Despite of it you will do what you gonna do.

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But embracing part – is taking care of the emotions part. We can’t come in to try and convince someone who’s irrational at the moment. We have to embrace that, we have to embrace them where they take care of the emotion first and then pivot to logic.

But really we don’t put labels on it in terms of logic or emotion. Someone can just say “I need it done in two weeks for $2000”. There’s no emotion – that’s a very logical and quantifiable need. The embrace part is just to listen and to say back to them and agree with them – that’s it. As we said before – if you need it fast we can make it fast, if you need it cheap – we can refer somebody who can do it at that price. We understand it – there are many options. What we do is we’re trying to clarify the client’s thinking.

In-depth thinking

Just a quick example: imagine, that someone (call him John) tells you about his perfect business coach. Immediately a thoughts arises in your head: yeah, tell me more about this coach: what have he done? Where did he study? What books did he write? What exactly do you like about him? Any other referrals? Is he competitive enough compared to others? And after all these questions, John start thinking – I don’t know, I don’t know and I don’t know. Maybe this was not a good business coach to start with?

depth thinking
[bctt tweet=”People make lots of assumptions and bold statements all the time: that a good person, that person I trust, that product is amazing. All those kinds of things many people say and all you have to do is ask them why do they believe that?” username=”hellotegra”]

They’re just not. They’re mostly reacting to life and this is where we’re gonna ask them questions to clarify what they actually think. And it works. We can pretty much say and argue with customers just about anything that they believe to be true and help them to find the flaw in their thinking.

When people ask us a lot of questions about things related to our business, they challenge us: do we do it the right way?

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Find the balance

Now we have our fictional virtual brother which asks us those questions. And it’s tough.

You’re not ready to face that and it’s much more comfortable to be in this beautiful place where you accept it for the way it is. So when somebody tells you the truth it can be very painful. It’s better spend some time thinking about it.

In the real world in the buy-sell situation cycle not many people who can push us to rethink our views.

And you know what? To be totally honest – most people want to be at the center of the conversation. So we’re playing into clients’ natural desire to want people to focus all their energies upon them.

Sometimes it may seems like we are very opinionated persons that there’s no room for other opinions. That’s not true at all. We are always looking for a better way. It’s part of our nature. We are something like a constant improvers.

Study an inner self

The more you learn, the more you feel like you don’t know anything.

Like the more we grow, the more client say something like “yeah, that’s great” or “yes, i agree” and then we say something that totally different from his worldview and it makes him think “yeah, that’s interesting, I like it”. So instead of debating we stealing from each other in a positive way. I steal your idea, you steal my idea and we both grow.

I steal your idea, you steal my idea and we both grow
[bctt tweet=”So think about it: if you meet your exact twin and you start talking, is there would be epic collaborative conversation or not?” username=”hellotegra”]

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