Is Facebook still badass for digital marketing? 5 quick tools for it!

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Facebook – the show must go on.

Facebook still combines clever distribution with innovation to make it the single most important channel.

Maybe you’ve heard people criticizing Facebook recently, saying it’s where baby boomers share photos of their grandkids, and that young people aren’t there anymore. Well, in reality, Facebook is still the biggest show in town. Two billion monthly active users don’t lie.

[bctt tweet=”From a business perspective, Facebook’s great advantage is its flexibility for both content and distribution.” username=”hellotegra”]

Facebook offers a versatility that no other platform can. Want to pump out a twelve paragraph blog entry? That’ll work. Ten-second video? Sure. Twenty-minute video? No problem. Some sample photos? Get ‘em up there!

And it offers incredibly rich targeting. Want to target people between 18 and 25 years old who live in downtown California and are interested in skateboarding? No problem. Spend $12 and several thousand of them could see your post of a cool skate T-shirt that you designed.

So that’s all great, but can you do anything really innovative on Facebook? Sure – with Facebook Live.

Live lets you broadcast in real time to your followers, take questions and get instant reactions.

Now, it’s not for everyone. There are only a few live TV shows for a reason: they’re hard to do. But if you’re experienced with video, it can be very powerful.

Brittney Castro’s secret to success

Brittney Castro of Financially Wise Women is a great example of someone with a fresh personal brand in a stuffy old industry – personal finance. She first attracted attention for a finance rap video – the exact opposite of the marketing you’d expect from a financial advisor.

These days, she’s a hit across all channels. But her favorite is Facebook Live. She loves the way she can answer women’s financial questions live, bringing them real value and talking directly to her potential customers. And by doing Lives with her brand partners, such as Chase Bank, she is bringing her offer to a huge audience.

5 tools to help conduct effective advertising.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush uses everything to optimize their websites and blogs to create a positive impression on users. It can help you get the most out of your site by targeting keywords and very useful analysis of competitors up to their backlinks.


Key benefits include:

  • Creation of a reliable list of keywords;
  • Creation of well-structured content elements;
  • Attracting more traffic;
  • Search for negative SEO.

So for all the doubters – yes, Facebook is still innovating. And so should you!

2. Crello

Crello has released an animation editor and introduced a monetization tool. Graphic online editor launched a tool that allows you to create animated posts in social networks and animated advertising messages – as quickly as possible and without design skills. The editor helps to attract additional attention to publications and advertisements by adding animation in a couple of clicks.


It also allows you to choose for which social network to create a design and immediately select the dimension. Crello has tons of colorful, funny, relevant templates for you and their numbers grow every day.

3. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a service for optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook. The system creates thousands of ads and selects the most loyal audience by A/B-testing. With the help of the tool, you can manage an unlimited number of Facebook-announcements.

Variations are generated automatically from various combinations of source data – descriptions, pictures, headers, Call to Action buttons. The service places thousands of ads in different places and selects the best ones based on the analysis of key indicators. The created content can be saved in the cloud, and the settings can be used for other projects.


Among the features are analytics and import of advertising campaigns, data export from Excel files, integration with Google Analytics, conversion tracking (Facebook Pixel), e-mail alerts, PDF-report generator, CRM synchronization. Brilliant!

4. Bitly

Bitly is mostly known URL link shortener, but that’s not all. In addition to processing billions of clicks of web links every month, it also a powerful online marketing analytic tool used to track clicks, see site referrals and get an idea of which geographical locations most clicks are coming from.


Bitly also allows you to customize the links. Btw, branded & customized links get 34% more clicks.

5. Grammarly

There are already many words said about Grammarly, but literacy is important in any case. And the making creatives and texts for advertisements is no exception. If you select a word, the Grammarly offers several synonyms to replace it to diversify the text.


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