Is User Experience All About The Look?

Tegra - August 11, 2019 - 0 comments

Is User Experience All About The Look?

We often hear of founders struggling with deciding on colours, fonts and photos to create the best look for their prototype. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Many times, they will ask for different versions of the same screen, wanting to create the best experience for their users, but all while struggling to find something that satisfies them.

And as much as we empathise with their drive for perfection, there is a common misconception we need to correct. 🛠⠀

The truth of the matter is user experience is more than your app’s looks. Your app’s good looks have to showcase well-thought-out functionality, and they have to do it in a way that resonates with your users.

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The focus of UX isn't about what your app looks like, but about understanding the user's needs and developing the invisible strategy that takes them from struggling with something they want to getting it.For the product owner, this translates into user journeys that offer value and create monetisation models. For the end-user, it translates into an app they find at very the least-useful, at most-delightful, while getting the value they were promised.Yes, it is important to have good to showcase the value of your product. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Much of an app's value isn't visible, such as the research, building the ideal user profile or crating the valuable journey.The secret weapon of good user experience is copy. Good copy supports the user experience. It provides instructions, manages expectations, and offers solutions in case of errors.Content is what facilitates the relationship between your app and the user. In the onboarding process, the copy is key in making the user easily understand the available features and make them return for a second use, a third one, and so on.In an oversaturated app industry, good copy stands out if it gives your app a human voice that users are happy to interact with. In our highly digitalised world, finding a personality behind the smartphone screen delights any user.Once your app has a clear user experience supported by good copy, creating amazing looks for your app is like making the perfect topping for a mouthwatering cake.Remember to put your users first and your business will already be on the road to success.

Useful tools to the blogpost: Leadpages, Webflow, Crello, Funnelytics.

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