Part 2. Make experiences accessible for all

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Part 2. Make experiences accessible for all.

​​​👁​​🧠​​💪​ Accessibility continued

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​​Accessibility is a topic that demands a lot of in-depth study from a wide range of resources and can’t be explained well with a maximum of ten slides. I’ve tried it with twenty slides and still only scratching the surface ​😅​

​​Spreading awareness was the goal of these posts, for the people who are finding it a challenge on how to start their product design process by considering accessibility and secondly reinforcing its importance.

​​I’ve provided some useful links on the 8th slide that has helped me deepen my knowledge of the topic.⠀

Everyone can be affected by your experience in different ways.  Accessibility defines the way a user the ability to use products. That doesn't just mean people with disabilities, it extends to anyone who is experiencing any permanent, temporary or situational disability, for example, having only one arm is a permanent condition, having an injured arm is a temporary, and holding a baby in one arm is situational.
Difficulties learning how to use your product?  What may seem obvious to you may not be so obvious to other people. By labeling elements, managing focus, designing and developing for people using only their keyboard are a few of many ways to make your experiences more accessible and inclusive.
Breaking down the barriers to create frictionless experiences.  - Flexible – works with both hands, or only one.
- Equitable Use – consider diverse range of people.
- Intuitive – make sure it's simple to use.
- Error tolerance – minimise the potential errors to make.
- Use large enough space for interaction points.
Space for touch targetting.  Making sure there's enough space to interact with your experience for people using a mobile device who access a device using one hand. People with vision impairment may better see the target.
Make sure that touch targets are the minimum of 34px X 34px wide, independent of the screen size, device or resolution.
Auditory inabilities can impact the UX extremely.  If your platform is an e-course learning platform and uses video and audio content a good practice is to include these accessible content types.
Confirm the presence of captions.  Captions allow a person who cannot hear the audio content of a video to still understand its content.  Confirm that transcripts are available.  Transcripts allow people who cannot hear to still understand the audio content.
Learn more from the leaders in the industry.  - The A11Y Project: a11yproject.com
- UK Government: accessibility.blog.gov.uk
- Us Government: accessibility.digital.gov
- IBM: ibm.com/accessibility/
- Microsoft: microsoft.com/design/inclusive/
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​​Any feedback? Let me know in the comments ​🗣​​👇​

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FlyWheel — is managed WordPress hosting built for designers and creative agencies.

Integromat — is a powerful automation tool that connects your apps and services to work smarter, not harder.

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FlowKit — allows designers to create frighteningly fast user flows within Sketch and Figma.

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