Instagram Powerlikes. How to win this engagement game

Tegra - February 21, 2019 - 0 comments

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Instagram Powerlikes. How can you go ahead and utilize other people's account to grow yours? How do they work? Where do you get them and do they actually help you?

What is Powerlikes?

Powerlikes are likes from very big accounts.

Powerlikes involve a big network of accounts that engage with each other to improve other's chance to go viral. Click To Tweet

So you can go ahead and rank: for hashtags rank, for the explore page rank, for geolocations rank.

In short, Powerlikes help you to go more popular. When your post goes viral, your account is flooded with attention, engagement and of course new followers. Reaching Instagram explore page consistently is one of the most powerful ways of growing your account. And numbers of views, likes, and visitings often incredible.

What's on the top?

On top of that, you will gain a ton of really super targeted subscribers from hashtags. Your ranking from hashtags in the top 9 sections of posts where people find your content, and that's where you get really good buyers from.

Powerlikes involve a big network of accounts that engage with each other to improve other's chance to go viral. The symbolic relationship between accounts allows a community larger than just one account following to have a relation to establishing a new relationship with a brand new account. And that's a beauty of the Instagram explore page. It consists of accounts that you have engaged with, accounts that have engaged with you and other accounts they are engaged with.

Powerlikes are very similar to DM groups. The difference is that DM groups is kind of done more manually unless if you go ahead and outsource that stuff or you get a virtual assistant to manage it for you.
Powerlikes are a little bit more automated. You pay somebody who has a capability, and you know they do all the work for you.

Social proof

Another important thing is hashtags. To increase your chance to go viral is use all of 30 hashtags that Instagram allow. More about hashtags you can learn here.

1. Collaboration

Here example of two-account collaboration.

1st account specializes in depilation, sugaring, and beauty.
2nd account specializes in fitness, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

We made a post with both of them and powered it. As a result, we have reached the tops in almost of all 30 hashtags. Some of them have more than a million publications.

2. Fitness at the Top

The client’s account specializes in fitness, training, and nutrition.

We empowered each publication with powerlikes, and each publication skyrocket to the top of each hashtag. It could be from 1k followers to 1m + followers.

We select only relevant hashtags, which are individually tailored to the customer – his business, activities, geolocation, etc.

3. Groovy CEO

And of course, in Tegra, we like to have fun. That’s why sometimes we empower our publications too. Just look at Ruslan and his positions at the Instagram Explore page

So stop wasting your power and time, and make it easy to go viral!

But if you are very independent and like to do everything yourself, then here is an awesome service for you. Fuelgram – The world's largest engagement group platform where lead influencers exchange likes and comments to improve their Instagram performance.

Cashbox – promotion within social networks – get subscriptions in your groups, likes and reposts

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We'll pump your Instagram

Powerlikes is a system where a network of real active Instagram Influencers' followers combined together to like your posts. These likes will hit your posts with 15 minutes of you posting to Instagram. It helps your followers see your posts, and they also give you more chance of hitting Instagram Explore Page depending on your content.




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