Tips to growing as a designer on Instagram

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Tips to growing as a designer on Instagram

Tips to Growing as a Designer on Instagram⁣ 📈⁣

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Fair to say our Instagram account has been blowing up recently. However, we’ve been using Instagram for a while now & have learned by collaborating some of the top design influencers on Instagram. So tonight, we’ve put together our top tips for growing a following on Instagram.⁣

Number one thing to keep in mind is to not overthink it. If you want to grow on any social media platform, there are basic pillars to follow- there’s no secret formula.⁣

1. Embrace Instagram Stories⁣

2. Document the process⁣

3. Share your knowledge⁣

4. Post consistently⁣

5. Engage, engage, engage⁣

BONUS TIP: Start an IGTV channel⁣

Blogpost tool: Crello — free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print, and other web-based graphics.

1. Embrace IG Stories  Stories is the #1 most underrated feature to grow on Instagram. It's an amazing tool to be able to connect with your audience & show new potential followers that you are active.
2. Document the process  You don't always have to show the final design. By showing the process, you can create more content as well as show the #BTS of the design process.
3. Share your knowledge  People love to learn new things! Share what you know with people & you'll start to gain a following in return.
4. Post consistently  Consistency is a KEY. If you can post daily & regularly update your Instagram Stories – you'll be on the road to success.
5. Engage, engage, engage  If someone comments on your post, start a conversation. Someone is more likely to follow you if they're had a genuine conversation with you first.
Bonus Tip  Start an IGTV channel
Video content is fire! Post long-form content on IGTV to give your audience an extra piece of value.
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See you tomorrow with some more value ❤️

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