Top 30 UI Fonts

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Top 30 UI Fonts. Hand-picked specifically with designers in mind.

Hand-picked specifically with designers in mind

Here is a List of Top Fonts Used by Professional UI Designers + related questions by @the.dsgnr

1️⃣ What fonts do I use on my posts?
1. Circular
2. TT Commons
3. Roboto
4. Gilroy

BTW, here a great tool to easily create a designed post to any social network – Crello. Also, you can upload any font in crello and use it in any design.

2️⃣ What fonts do I usually use on my designs?
– Roboto
– Helvetica
– Open Sans
– TT Commons
– Lato
– SF Pro

3️⃣ Where do I usually go for free-licensed fonts:
– Google Fonts
– Fontsquirrel

4️⃣ What fonts are trending now:
– Minimal Fonts
– Geometric fonts
– Sans-Serif
– Serif fonts are becoming a trend too.

5️⃣ My favorite font?

Google Product Sans (not available)
All the fonts I use are similar to this one 🙂

1. Circular (8 font styles)
2. Gilroy (30 font styles)
3. Airbnb Cereal (6 font styles)
4. TT Commons (18 font styles)
5. Cera Pro (12 font styles)
6. PlayFair (6 font styles)
Circular, SF Pro Display, Open Sans, Avenir, Poppins, AirBnb Cereal, Montserrat, Lato, Gilroy, Cera Pro, TT Commons, Futura, Muller, Brandon.
Merriweather, Lora, Cormorant, Playfair Display, EB Garamond, Crimson Text, Elsie, Neue Hass Grotesk, Proxima Nova, IBM Plex Sans, Gibson, Overpass, Work Sans, Roboto.

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