Top 7 UI Font Combinations for 2019

Tegra - August 14, 2019 - 0 comments

Top 7 UI Font Combinations for 2019

Top 7 UI Font Combinations for 2019

Here are 7 of my favourite Google font combinations. The best thing is that they’re all ✨ FREE!

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Personally I normally only use creative fonts for a brochure or brand-driven pages of the website.

I use system fonts for the complex UI and app because they’re cross-platform tested, faster to load and generally have better legibility.

San Francisco for Mac, Roboto for Android and the OG Helvetica never goes wrong.

You might have noticed some of the worlds largest apps do so too, Facebook.

You can apply this fonts using Webflow or Leadpages for example. Easy way to create adaptive and responsive websites.

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Playfair Display + Source Sans ProMerriweather + OswaldMotserrat + MerriweatherRaleway + LatoElsie + RobotoAbril Farface + RobotoSansita + Open Sans

Happy font choosing 😎 Leave your favorite fonts in the comments below 👇

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