What is Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service?

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What is Instagram Direct Automation?

Ok, what is what?

Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service is the latest technology in the media advertising world. High efficiency and low price of this service attract more and more people wishing to increase customer flow.

With automatic sending of messages to your followers on Instagram, you can set up the automatic sending of welcoming and other notifying messages to your followers or a custom list of users. Such mass mailing allows you to send an unlimited number of messages to all users who follow you. For instance, you can immediately send a message about a new publication to all followers or offer your goods at the best price so that they can’t resist. There are two types of Direct Messages:

  • Greeting new followers. Messages automatically come to users who have followed the account.

When you make up greeting messages, it’s worth remembering that they should be unique and engaging. If you send messages like “thank you for following me”, most likely that users will ignore you. Here, it’s vital to be creative.

  • Information for existing followers. You can send DMs to all your followers or to a list of followers.

Of course, such notifying messages are used to solving various tasks. When you make up the offer, discount, or collaboration request messages, it is worth remembering that a sharp message with an offer to buy something in your account can scare away and the user unfollows you. It is better to send a friendly message with useful information.

What is Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service?

For example

You can send a price list for services, or information about current promotions and discounts. It’s better not to use expressions like, “What do you consider?”, “Do you want to buy anything?”, “What are you interested in?”, “Are you interested in cooperation with us?”, and so on. Your task is to make a good impression and simplify the life of individuals who have shown interest in your account. You can send:

  • Messages with congratulations;
  • Messages offering a discount;
  • Messages announcing contests;
  • Messages of invitations.

All this has a positive effect on the loyalty of existing followers and increases their activity. 

What is Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service?

So who needs is Instagram Direct bulk messaging?

Generally speaking, this service is essential for those who want to advertise their product or service and draw the clients’ attention. That is why this service will work fine for nearly everyone who has already created a business account on Instagram.

The living example is the story of any online shop with a medium-price product range. Imagine you own an online clothing shop. You have to advertise it. How to attract the maximum number of clients from the given Internet audience? Regular media magazine and television advertising will be useless.

The best way is to use the Instagram Mass Direct Messaging Service. Its price is significantly lower than any other kind of advertising. As a result, you increase brand awareness and improve engagement while saving your precious time.

The best part – your account remains SAFE because it doesn’t require your account to use it for bulk sending. All messages will be sent by a network of accounts.

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