Why did Tik Tok become so successful in 2018?

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In this article, we will look at 14 of the most exceptional mechanics that have helped Tik Tok become the most downloadable application in the App Store in 2018.

1. Acquisition: Using youtube as a data collection channel
I feel that Youtube is a channel that is greatly underestimated.


a. Brand recognition is difficult to measure – only with sophisticated attribution methods – so that many people do not end up using it.

b. The way brands use Youtube is just a TV commercial. Tik Tok uses attractive user-generated videos as a way to attract users.

2. Activation: Showing video without logging in
You start to notice how cool the content is made, and then you say… “Oh, I’d like to use it.

3. Activation: Full vertical video screen without tapping them on the main menu
You don’t have to do anything with TikTok. You open the application and show the video right away.

4. Activation: You don’t need to have friends to enjoy your TikTok
While with other social applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. It is essential that your friends can enjoy the product, with TikTok this does not happen.

You can use TikTok to do this:

1) Follow the example of other authors (e.g., Youtube).

2) Use it as a tool to create videos and share them with Instagram.

This causes the outflow to decrease for users who don’t have many friends online.

5. Activation / Direction: Ask you to find/add friends
Although the previous one is true, it is true that the more friends you have in-app, the better you will have activation.

Do you know when Facebook took a step forward in its growth?

When they realized that users were talking to seven friends in the first 10 days.

TikTok tries to connect you with other friends so that you don’t leave the app after playing with it.

6. Activation / Saving: Very visual detection page
You can view images for any video grouped by the trend.

I don’t think Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram have found an excellent way to discover new creators/content. While TickTock was there.

7. Retention: Fun + Creative + New
I’m sorry when people look at their competition to create new features.

TikTok wasn’t like that and thought it over to the smallest detail, trying to solve users’ problems.

8. Hold on: Video only
If Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram… so much attention is paid to video, it may not be for anything.

Why do I love videos?

With video, you can have a better hold
With video, users can create content quickly and easily.
With video, users can communicate a lot with their audience
9. Hold on: Strong game
They count not only the number of fans but also the name of hearts that you have been given.

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10. Hold: The Push Notification has a copy that looks like a message in Whatsapp
I think that TikTok is the first application I have seen that can send notifications in a non-marketing language.

It’s a good thing you feel like a friend is telling you about it.

11. Direction: Asking the user to share after creating a video
After you create the video, you will be shown an extensive list of options that you can share your message.

12. Direction: Obvious direction button
Because they use full-screen mode for their videos, they can display all the necessary functions.

One of them is to share the video with other people, increasing the number of referrals.

13. Direction: Exchange of video materials with the Tik Tok brand
There’s nothing new about that. Products such as dub broken, predicted, etc. have already done so.

But this is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and increase the number of installations, as people may be curious to try it when they watch the video “as much fun.”

14. Direction: Permission to participate in Instagram Stories
I see in Instagram Stories a perfect opportunity for referrals, which not many companies take into account.


People may not want to share information on Facebook or Instagram, as it should be a critical post, while people can share five stories a day. With Instagram stories, you can be much more creative.

Not many products use this referral option, so you can surprise users by allowing them to share Instagram stories.
When a user is watching Instagram history, they are entirely focused on it without being distracted.

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