Boost Your Sales by utilizing the most efficient Guerrilla marketing method on Telegram. Let's Begin Telegram Bulk Messaging Service

Hot leads for your business, product or service 🎯

Telegram Bulk Messaging Service is a great tool for gathering leads from Telegram groups to help you in sending bulk automated Telegram messages to members of groups, full of your potential prospects. It helps to reach a warm, interested audience and deliver them a message about your product or service. Or maybe you want to grow your own Telegram channel and get almost free subscribers from bulk messaging.

But here is the catch.

Telegram does not allow you to send messages to more than 50 anonymous numbers from one SIM/account in a day. Usually, it just bans accounts for bulk sending. But with our service, you can increase that number to more than 500 per day, and reach 15,000 or more messages in a month.

Get more traffic and sales! Here is our process:

✅ First of all our experts collect targeted audience by parsing members of Telegram groups relevant to your service/product.
✅ Then we will start strategically send direct messages with your post/message.
✅ Absolutely each of the users will see the message. 100% deliverability! Some percentage will go to your channel/website/e-commerce and take action.

Great way to grow your Telegram channel or get traffic to your website/e-commerce.

Best part - your account remains SAFE because we won't use it for bulk sending. We won't even ask you for a login and password. All messages will be sent by our network of accounts.

How much?


$ 375

$0.15 per message

  • 2 500 messages
  • You don’t have to share your TG access
  • Messaging to your target audience
  • Include a Photo / Clickable Link / Post


$ 1 300

$0.13 per message

  • 10 000 messages
  • You don’t have to share your TG access
  • Messaging to your target audience
  • Include a Photo / Clickable Link / Post


$ 0.10

per message

  • Starting from 15 000 messages

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Relevant Cases

Relevant Cases


We’ve done a two-account collaboration.

1st account specializes in depilation, sugaring, and beauty.
2nd account specializes in fitness, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

We made a post with both of them and powered it.
As a result, we have reached the tops in almost of all 30 hashtags. Some of them have more than a million publications

Fitness at the Top

The client’s account specializes in fitness, training, and nutrition.

We empowered each publication with powerlikes, and each publication skyrocket to the top of each hashtag. It could be from 1k followers to 1m + followers.

We select only relevant hashtags, which are individually tailored to the customer – his business, activities, geolocation, etc.

Groovy CEO

And of course, in Tegra, we like to have fun.

That’s why sometimes we empower our publications too.

Just look at Ruslan and his positions at the Instagram Explore page

What else?

Powerlikes work. But it's only one piece of a successful marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

It’s time to go social. We’ll make it simple.

Social media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide.

Targeted Advertising

The most important number is ROI

Targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Youtube allow you to get more potential clients into your funnel and increase revenue drastically.

Email Marketing

Timely and relevant emails to the right people

We develop an email marketing strategy, design custom and proven template for an email layout, build targeted opt-in email list, test and track email campaign.

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Instagram Mass Messaging Service

Want to hire us?

Want to hire us?

Never end a client Email with ‘Let me know how I can help’

Never end a client Email with ‘Let me know how I can help’

Never end a client Email with ‘Let me know how I can help’ 🙅‍♂️⠀Courtesy…

Tegra January 22, 2020