How to add IGTV to Instagram feed?

Tegra - February 11, 2019 - 4 comments

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Instagram allowed uploading IGTV video up to 10 minutes in feed and profile as a regular post!

How does it work?

The user sees in the feed a regular post with video, but with a footnote “Watch full video”. By clicking on this icon opens the full-screen video in good quality.

IGTV tip 1

Why is it cool?

– Better video quality.

– The video duration is up to 10 minutes for everyone and up to 60 minutes for accounts with a large number of followers (but then you can only upload it from a desktop).

– You can change the cover of the video, which will be displayed in the Instagram feed and your profile, and you can upload any image, as it is done on YouTube. Recommended cover size: 420 x 654 pixels.

– And the coolest thing is that now IGTV videos are in the feed and profile along with the usual photos and videos, and there's much more traffic than in the IGTV section.

How to use it?

If you've never uploaded an IGTV video before, then you need to create an IGTV channel.

1. Click on the IGTV icon in the feed.

IGTV tip 2

2. Click on the gear and create a channel.

IGTV tip 3

3. The channel is created, now type a “+” icon to add new videos.

IGTV tip 4

4. Add the video, select the cover, add a description.

5. And most importantly, choose “Share in Instagram” – this is the item responsible for displaying IGTV video in the feed and profile.

IGTV tip 5Pay attention:

– You can publish a video to feed and profile only if the video duration is at least one minute.

– When you add IGTV video, you can add “Name” and “Description”, but Instagram in the feed displays the text only from the “Name” field, and there is placed up to 75 characters.

Now you can upload entire clips, video lessons and much more directly into the feed and profile! We think it's brilliant!

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  1. Deja

    So the only way to post it is when posting the video?? That is stupid. I already have an IGTV video and didnt post it to my feed cuz i already had a post scheduled that day. So now i cant add it to my feed?

  2. Delisa

    I am struggling with the checkbox being greyed out – it doesn’t allow you to check it? What could cause this?

    • Tegra

      Hey Delisa, if you’re talking about publishing your IGTV to the feed – it should be longer than 1 minute to do so. IG doesn’t allow to post short IGTVs to the feed.

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